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Louis' Story

My passion and commitment to the reverse mortgage program has grown from the positive impact I have seen in the lives of clients and their families. My 30 years of real estate and mortgage experience ensures finding a suitable solution and putting it in place both smoothly and easily for them. I have competently handled many different types of situations that have resulted in clients benefiting both financially and with more peace of mind.

As a proud NMLS member, (National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry), you can rest assured that inconjunction with their strictly enforced license guidelines and my high work ethical standards that your best interests are always placed first and foremost. Additionally, a large majority of my clients have chosen the Governments' FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program which has rigorous regulations we must adhere to and is coupled with strong consumer safeguards.

As a traditionally minded fellow senior, my family-oriented business views align me with my clients needs and goals. It is with deep personal satisfaction that I relish helping senior homeowners improve their retirement years. By attaining flexible and liquid access to what is often their largest asset, their home equity, their stress level often drops significantly.

I am based here locally in southeast Florida so I live and work nearby. I look forward to meeting neighboring seniors and am on standby ready to help you today!

Jay's Story

I have an extensive history of successfully bringing a start-up to a very high level of production, funding in 43 states with our own banking lines. This was for both retail and wholesale. Although I have this extensive experience, I still enjoy the one-on-one with clients and solving, or managing situations.

In all of those years I have never been as passionate about a product as I am about the reverse mortgage. The H.E.C.M is still very much misunderstood and I am hoping that I can help be a part of what lifts the stigma from the product. In some ways, the newer, stricter rules and reduced loan amounts may help bring that about. The old "last-chance" flavor of the product now has the potential to change into the intelligence-based financial planning tool it was always meant to be. I am working to expand this into an exciting community outreach phenomenon for real branding and very long lasting relationships.


HECM for Purchase