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My passion and commitment to the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) has resulted from the many positive impacts I have seen in clients' lives. Unknown to most, todays' loan is quite different from its earlier version created in 1989 during which some seniors were taken advantage of. To prevent this from recurring, the Governments HUD and FHA Housing Administrations created strict consumer safeguards and todays' HECM, commonly known as a reverse mortgage, strongly protects Seniors and their loved ones.

For instance, many folks are not aware of HUD's mandatory independent third party (of the borrowers choice) counselling session to make sure the loan particulars are clearly understood. A certificate is then issued to the borrower and forwarded to the loan officer. Then and only then can the loan application process begin. 

  On a personal note, as a traditionally minded fellow senior with 30 years experience in real estate and mortgages, your personal needs and wants are always first and foremost. You can be assured we will jointly and smoothly create a suitable loan to meet your goals.

  I am locally based in southeast Florida and look forward to meeting and assisting neighboring community seniors soon.



I have an extensive history of successfully bringing a start-up to a very high level of production, funding in 43 states with our own banking lines. This was for both retail and wholesale. Although I have this extensive experience, I still enjoy the one-on-one with clients and solving, or managing situations.

In all of those years I have never been as passionate about a product as I am about the reverse mortgage. The H.E.C.M is still very much misunderstood and I am hoping that I can help be a part of what lifts the stigma from the product. In some ways, the newer, stricter rules and reduced loan amounts may help bring that about. The old "last-chance" flavor of the product now has the potential to change into the intelligence-based financial planning tool it was always meant to be. I am working to expand this into an exciting community outreach phenomenon for real branding and very long lasting relationships.


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