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eliminate monthy mortgage payment access cash stay in your home


 Reverse Mortgage Benefits

The government regulated and insured HECM, home equity conversion mortgage, is an excellent option for seniors with 50% or more home equity that may need extra cash, monthly tax free income, a growing line of credit for seen or unforeseen expenses or... a combination of these. Available only to senior homeowners, at least one of whom is 62 years of age or older. The loan benefits:

  • Retain ownership of your home and always be on title. 
  • Pay off a current mortgage, should you have one.
  • Enjoy the freedom of optional monthly mortgage payments. 
  • Tax-free** cash as a lump sum or monthly check or both, for any use.
  • Pay high interest debt and monthly bills and live comfortably.
  • Access funds for "Age in Place" remodeling and renovations for independent living.
  • Use a secured, growing line of credit for planned and unplanned expenses.

A reverse mortgage may allow you to enjoy a more comfortable retirement while maintaining your freedom and increasing your financial security .

- The bank is Never on Title and does Not Own the home.
- A mandatory discussion with an independent HUD certified counselor ensures seniors safety and understanding.


Also for the homeowners’ protection, reverse mortgages are designed so you cannot owe more than your house is worth, it is a non-recourse loan. The loan itself does not come due for as long as you live in the house as your primary residence and keep your property taxes, insurance and Hoa up to date and the home adequately maintained.


Together with your input and direction, we'll help create your specific financial map to help achieve your goals. We are glad to be of service...

* Homeowner is responsible for property taxes, insurance and maintenance.
** Please consult with a financial adviser.


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